Virtual CIO

The Virtual CIO works hand in hand with your existing IT department or brings its own IT department with them. The Virtual CIO performs the same functions as conventional CIO.

An experienced consultant from TOFFYS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD can advise you as your Virtual CIO and can help maintain your IT infrastructure by carefully planning and providing more strategic and forward-facing services and assist with all decisions. This advice acts to remove the unwise technical decisions some companies make that disadvantage your business and also lead to expensive issues and fixes later on. We will work with you to plan a future technology roadmap to identify opportunities for you and embrace new technologies and tools to integrate into your business.

A Virtual CIO needs to:

  • Think about the IT systems and link/integrate them to business objectives
  • Have experience in IT budgeting
  • Look at overheads in the business relating to IT and IT services
  • Great strategy for implementing new features and services
  • Have flexibility
  • Compare possible solutions and give clear analysis
  • IT project planning and management
  • Look for opportunities for your business as well as risks.

Your Virtual CIO service from TOFFYS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD can be tailored as one of the following services:

  • Part time – ½ day each week for example
  • Ad-hoc – called into meetings for strategic advice for any IT item (for example: internet/phone providers)
  • On-demand service – called for a specific problem that you are experiencing within your business and for rollout of projects

Our Virtual CIO service provides you with:

  • IT budgeting now and into the future
  • Network infrastructure capacity planning
  • Security services – including training staff and management with Data Breach protocols.
  • Existing system security and network audits
  • Strategic IT meetings – scheduled or ad requested.
  • Server and network infrastructure upgrade planning and implementation
  • Hardware / Software services and implementation
  • Phone system upgrade and implementation
  • Systems Integration and IT Governance
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Business Continuity of in-house and cloud based solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing backup and security services

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