Backup and Disaster Recovery

The IT landscape has changed significantly in recent years. According to IDC research, the data growth rates now double every two years. Therefore, businesses need near-constant access to their data and any loss of data access due to unplanned downtime or inablility to recover data from the existing data protection methods can have a tremendous negative impact.

According to Gartner research, 40% of unplanned downtime can be attributed to application failures; another 40% to operation errors  while 20% can be attributed to hardware, OS, security, power and natural disasters2. Common mishaps such as system glitches, server or drive failures, and human errors cause, at best, a few minutes of unplanned downtime or, at worst, a complete loss of data. When you add in the possibility of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires and other adversities such as power outages and malicious attacks, the importance of protecting your company’s data increases multifold.

According to the Aberdeen Group3, the average amount of downtime a company experiences annually is about 1.5 hours, and the average time needed to recover from a downtime event is 5.2 hours. Downtime that lasts for one hour can cost small companies as much as $8,581. Mid-size companies will lose around $215,638 and large enterprises over $686,250 for a single hour of downtime.

To avoid such financially crippling downtime. Implement the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution™ to protect and recover your mission-critical information.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect®  SPX lets you rapidly and reliably back up, recover, and migrate your virtual and physical Windows and Linux systems with a single, cross-platform solution.  

Entrust your data to ShadowProtect SPX, the Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award Winner in the Data Protection category.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX - Key Features

  • Backup your entire system – OS, applications, settings, and data
  • Recover files and folders in seconds or entire systems in minutes
  • Instantly boot backup images as VMs with StorageCraft VirtualBoot™  technology
  • View and manage backup images directly from within the patented job timeline
  • Recover to dissimilar  hardware or virtual environments with StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore™
  • Support a broad  range  of hypervisor  platforms, including VMware and Hyper-V

Although ensuring regular reliable backups of all your systems is essential, it is of little use if you are unable to restore from these backups, as could be the case in a site-wide  failure. A purpose-built, self-service Disaster Recovery Cloud from StorageCraft offers total failover in the cloud and makes recovery of your entire infrastructure quick, seamless, and easy  with no intervention from a third party.

StorageCraft Cloud Services offer you additional peace of mind because they reside  in high–security, fully compliant data  centers. Additionally, your data  never leaves  North America.

StorageCraft Cloud Services - Key Features

  • Failover to the StorageCraft Cloud in minutes with just one click
  • Test failover periodically without disrupting production environment
  • Restore data  remotely  in minutes
  • Rely on 99.999 percent uptime
  • Match your needs with flexible service  levels
  • Leverage  self-service,  via a one-stop portal with no third party dependence
  • Budget confidently  with predictable monthly  billing, and no hidden fees

Your company’s data  is your most valuable asset and without your data, you have no business. Having a tried-and-tested data  protection strategy that includes a robust disaster recovery plan is an absolute must for companies of all sizes.

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